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May 15, 2018

Today in major newspaper in Turku region an article about education cooperation between Indonesia and Finland, written by Harri, Liisa and Meiju

March 05, 2018

INDOPED International Conference

International Conference at Yogyakarta State University (UNY) on 6 March 2018.

Attended by more than 240 participants, the conference was presenting 10 learning methods by 5 European universities from Finland, Spain, Netherlands, Poland, and Denmark. 

These learning methods has been implemented as a pilot project by 5 Indonesian universities. This event is supported by Ministry of Research Technology and Higher Education.

Media coverage related to INDOPED Conference on 6.3.2018, Focus Group Discussion on 7.3.2018 and Press Conference on 7.3.2018:

October 01, 2017

The 4th General Meeting of INDOPED Project in Banda Aceh

INDOPED Project is holding its 4th General Meeting on October 2-4, 2017 hosted by Syiah Kuala University at Hermes Hotel, Banda Aceh. This event is attended by all partners in the consortiums; from European universities: Turku University of Applied Sciences (TUAS) - Finland, Business Academy Aarhus (BAA) - Denmark, Inholland University of Applied Sciences - Netherlands, University of Gdansk - Poland, University of Seville - Spain, from Indonesian Universities: Bina Nusantara University (Binus) - Jakarta, Indonesia, State Islamic University of Syarif Hidayatullah (UIN) - Jakarta, Indonesia, Yogyakarta State University (UNY) - Yogyakarta, Indonesia, Widya Mandala Catholic University (UKWM) - Surabaya, Indonesia, and Syiah Kuala University - Banda Aceh, Indonesia, and SEAMOLEC.

The event began by remarks from the coordinator of INDOPED Project in Syiah Kuala University, Prof. Samadi, and Head of INDOPED Project, Mr. Harri Lappalainen. In his remarks, Harri appreciated the great work of all Indonesian university team and asked them to share not only the success story in their implementation but also the challenges they face. European university partners will certainly be delighted to support them. The 4th INDOPED General Meeting was officially opened by the Rector of Syiah Kuala University, Prof. Samsul Rizal.

The first day of the meeting is used as sharing session of experiences from INDOPED Pedagogical Pilots in Indonesian universities. Each Indonesian university partner shared their implementation of learning methods in their universities. Some of them created videos that show testimony from their students about their experiences in using the methods in their learning. Syiah Kuala University even invited some of the students to make live testimony during the presentation. Binus University reflected that the students get deeper understanding of the topics and improve their presentation skills after implementing the methods. They received active suggestions and inputs from the partners.

The Director of Learning from Directorate General of Learning and Student Affair, Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education, Dr. Paristiyanti Nurwardani also attended this event. She presented the condition of Indonesian higher education system and expressed the interest to have cooperation with INDOPED Project within next year for development of teacher education institutions and several polytechnics in Indonesia. She also showed appreciation for INDOPED project, because new innovation is always needed by Indonesia to improve the quality of its education, especially higher education. Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education will be supporting INDOPED International Conference for its result dissemination in March 2018 at UNY, Yogyakarta.

In the evening the whole INDOPED Project team was received by the Governor of Aceh for a welcome dinner. The Governor is pleased to welcome all delegates to Aceh province and suggested them to visit interesting tourist spots in Aceh. He also appreciated the project and wished that the cooperation will be fruitful for all partners, especially for the betterment of Indonesian education. All team were entertained by several cultural performances.  

The whole second day of the meeting was dedicated for adjusting the dissemination plan of INDOPED Project. All partners made grand design and scheduled plans for different type of dissemination workshops, international seminar, webinar, and other publication materials. In the evening the team was also received in a dinner reception by the Mayor of Aceh. This event was also covered by local online media. Several links to the local media publications can be found through these links:


The third day, which is the last day of the Genereal Meeting, was held at Unsyiah to discuss about the management of the project and sustainability of INDOPED Project. It was also utilized for planning the next step of the project and needed changes to the internal procedures and plans based on the assessment report.

After half day meeting, all delegates got the opportunity to experience a city tour arranged by the committee and visit interesting places in Banda Aceh, such as Tsunami Museum and Baiturrahman Mosque. 

The whole program of the 4th General Meeting of INDOPED Project in Banda Aceh was conducted successfully and fruitfully.

September 25, 2017

International Discussion Forum on Innovation Pedagogy

SEAMOLEC and INDOPED Project Consortium in collaboration with Directorate Learning and Students Affairs, Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education (MoRTHE) conducted an International Discussion Forum entitled Innovation Pedagogy : Learning from Europe and Experiences from Indonesia on Tuesday, September 26th, 2017. Around 100 lecturers and educators under the network of MoRTHE attended the event:

March 29, 2017

Newsletter 2, 2017

INDOPED Newsletter 2 has now been published! This time we share facts and feelings from pedagogical pilots implemented in academic year 2016-2017. Newsletter includes also articles about the 1st INDOPED Webinar and III INDOPED General Project Meeting

March 02, 2017

Newsletter #2 will be published soon!

The second newsletter will be published on the INDOPED website by 15th March 2017.

September 11, 2016

Newsletter 1, 2016

This is the first newsletter of the INDOPED project. In three years’ period we – meaning 5 European and 6 Indonesian partners - are together modernizing Indonesian higher education with European pedagogical practices. In this first newsletter our Indonesian University partners share their feelings on our project’s Ceremonial Opening event and train-the-trainer session.

April 28, 2016

Visit to STKIP Hamzanwadi Selong, Lombok, April 18th 2016

Leaders of the Project Management, Dissemination and Exploitation activities of the INDOPED project visited STKIP Hamzanwadi Selong University in Lombok. Mr. Harri Lappalainen (Turku University of Applied Sciences) and Dr. Francis Ries (University of Seville) gave a joint presentation in hosting University’s Studium General for more than 200 participants, presentation was titled as “Innovation Pedagogy Opens Doors for Innovations”. After the presentation these Finnish and Spanish INDOPED ambassadors discussed on possible ways for further cooperation between INDOPED partners and STKIP Hamzanwadi Selong.  

Press conference in Lombok attracted several media representatives and gained many articles in local media, see 

April 28, 2016

INDOPED Ceremonial Opening, Jakarta, April 12th-14th 2016

INDOPED Ceremonial Opening Week in Jakarta was a real success! High-profile seminar on Tuesday 12th of April 2016 offered several interesting and far-sighted remarks, presented by Indonesian and European experts. Train-the-trainer workshops on Wednesday 13th of April 2016 created joint understanding on European pedagogical practices to be piloted in Indonesian partner Universities. More than 60 higher education experts shared their knowledge and made detailed plans for the future collaboration between Indonesian and European universities. Content-oriented days were followed by a INDOPED Project Meeting II on 14th of April 2016, it consisted mainly on supporting elements like Project Management, Administration, Quality Assurance, Evaluation and Dissemination. 

Press conference, organized on 12th of April 2016, gave a lot of positive publicity for the INDOPED project in various Indonesian medias. In addition to articles in several Interned publications, there was an article e.g. in printed newspaper KOMPAS which is the most circulated newspaper in South-East Asian countries with almost 2 million daily readers. 


Links to media hits can be found from here, 

April 08, 2016

INDOPED Self-Assessment Report

As a first major step in the INDOPED project, we conducted the needs analyses and self-assessment in all Indonesian partner Universities. It included also the matching of Indonesian partners with selected European pedagogical practices. This process was professionally led by the BINUS International, one of the Indonesian partners. Please find the Self-Assessment report from here

March 16, 2016

Ceremonial Opening in Jakarta, April 2016

INDOPED project is organizing a Ceremonial Opening of the project in Jakarta at April 2016. It will include high class presentations on modern higher education, EU-Indonesia cooperation and INDOPED project. Please find attached the brochure of the event. 

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