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The Project Hatchery method combines real life assignments, peer counselling and working in cross disciplinary groups including the international aspect in all work. In the method a multidisciplinary group of students work together to reach a goal. The students are divided in groups with one teacher tutor and one student tutor each. Each group will work on own project. Assignments are coming from companies, organizations, RDI-projects or faculty. The study unit contains both independent work and weekly contact lessons. The groups are allowed to choose their working methods freely. The method trains to exploratory working and learning methods, and increases presentation and interaction skills and innovation competences. With the method students learns basics from the project working and project skills. They also learn how to work in a multidisciplinary team, and get to know students from other disciplines. They also start to build networks needed in work life and student life. The aim of the course is also to increase communality of the faculty.


European university: Turku University of Applied Sciences

Piloting universities: Univeritas Negeri Yogyakarta and Universitas Syah Kuala

Project Hatchery

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