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Case method teaching immerses students into realistic situations. Cases provide the reality of managerial decision-making — which includes incomplete information, time constraints, and conflicting goals — as students learn how to analyse situations. The case method packs more experience into each hour of learning than any other instructional approach. It stimulates students' thinking and encourages discussion. Not only is it the most relevant and practical way to learn managerial skills. The core of case teaching is the facilitation of student learning. In dealing with case studies students are put into a situation in which they must make use of the concepts, theories or frameworks acquired in other parts of their courses through lectures and readings. Teachers encourage students to reach a personal conclusion about the central issues in the case, and what to do about these, in the light of their own assessment and the group discussion.


European university: University of Sevilla

Piloting universities: UIN Syarifhidayatullaah Jakarta and Universitas Widya Mandala

Learning by the case method

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