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Tri Asih Budiono

Tri is the Project Manager.

The Head of Indoped Project in Bina Nusantara University

Yanthi Hutagaol

Core team member of Indoped project

Yanthi is piloting the LbT method and doing research of the pilots.

Handrich Kongdro

Handrich is responsible to lead the process of co-designing the pilot methods and co-managing the implementation of Innovation Camp (together with Business Academy Aarhus) and Project Hatchery (together with Turku University of Applied Sciences) in the local context.

Adsina Fibra

Fira is responsible for Learning by Teaching (LbT) pilot project and also teaches Project Hatchery.

Sukma Putra

Sukma is responsible for the implementation of Project Module pilot project and also teaches Project Hatchery.

Ahmad Seiichi Ramadhan

Seiichi is responsible for the research data collection of Indoped implementation in Bina Nusantara University.

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