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In the method “Learning to learn”, success is not linked to the content a person acquires but to their development as a learner, so that when faced with situations in the future they have the personal capability to find new approaches or fresh information, and they are able to apply these in an effective manner. “Learning to learn” involves discovering how best to acquire the new skills – in the classroom, workplace and at home – through a combination of study, discussion, investigation and practice. A teacher may provide resources, but the learner is in command of deciding how to organise them into a coherent course of study. Connected with ”learning to learn” is the ability to determine our own learning needs and to reflect continuously on the learning process. This involves developing skills of open communication and teamwork, being flexible in approach and creative in new situations, and becoming confident in your ability to take appropriate and effective action in changing circumstances.


European university: University of Sevilla

Piloting universities: Universitas Widya Mandala

Learn to learn

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