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The innovation camp is an intensive idea generation, idea development and innovation method, where students from different educational programmes are working together in interdisciplinary teams in order to solve a specific issue or challenge for a company. The camp content will alternate between presentations, practical work, presentations and feedback. Participants are under pressure with tight deadlines, which always ends with a presentation of the preliminary results. The camp is organized, so that participants pass through a creative and innovative process, which focuses on the relationship between problem and solution. A camp can be run over 8 to 48 hours. The program for the innovation camps varies, depending on the challenge and the sponsoring company. The strength of the innovation camps are the intensive and time-pressured idea development process, which generates concrete results. The innovation camps are a great tool for finding solutions to specific and concrete enterprise problems and challenges. The innovation camps deliver innovation and new business ideas. The innovations camp can also function as a teambuilding activity with professional content.


European university: Business Academy Aarhus

Piloting universities: Univeritas Negeri Yogyakarta and BINUS International

Innovation Camp

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