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A group – either under one Study Program or preferably multidisciplinary – of students form groups to solve real world’s challenges as part of their studies. This is organized as one study module (15 ECTS). Work of the Project Module is goal-oriented. In the beginning aims, rules and responsibilities are agreed with the origin of the assignment. The assignments typically come from the industry, but internal projects of the University can also be used if necessary.

Key elements:

  • No lectures, unless asked for by the students. The students have to recognize the need for information first, then ask for a lecture about specific topic.

  • Assignments are real world cases from the industry.

  • Teachers and industry contact persons are tutoring the students and setting goals.

  • Four presentations per semester from each student group: project plan presentation, two mid-project presentation and one final presentation of the end results and documentation.

  • Students are encouraged to learn from other groups as well to increase social skills and knowledge transfer.


European university: Turku University of Applied Sciences

Piloting universities: BINUS International

Project Module

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