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The Project Market Research method is designed as a first experience for students to work with professional products/performance. In the project, the students work in groups and execute a small market research on behalf of a local SME. The topics are: trends, market position and consumer profile (all related to a course during the period). The choice for the local SME is as this provides the student an idea of the company. The goal of the course is that the student:

  • learns to apply previously acquired knowledge

  • develops a research attitude

  • learns to approach problems in a multidisciplinary manner

  • learns the basics of working in a project and project skills

  • learns how to work in a team

  • increases his/her competences

  • learns more independent working skills

  • builds networks needed in student life and future working life 

  • increases presentation and interaction skills


European university: University Inholland

Piloting universities: UIN Syarifhidayatullaah Jakarta and Universitas Syah Kuala

Project Market Research

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